A95X MAX Amlogic S905X2 TV Box Review: 4GB – 64GB – 2.5'' SATA SSD HDD Bay


The A95X Max TV box box features the latest S905X2 Amlogic SOC and has some of the best firmware I have seen on these devices.
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  1. Awesome TV Boxes Check Them All Out Here


    Check out the Beelink GT-King


    Budget Freindly TV box


    True Force of Nature TV box: Beelink GT-King Pro


    Gearbest Deals Page


    Gearbest Mobile Phone Deals


  2. Bought two, one died at 4 months just a week after an OTA update. The other is acting up on the video now also. It seems like there is a problem with the update they released and sent to the boxes.

  3. Hi i just brought 3 of this devices for bedrooms and one in the living room. But how come this device even when i turn it off it will automatically switch it on and same time the tv turns on by itself after i have turn everything off.. is there a solution to fix this??? But i notice on my big tv this doesnt happen. when i turn the device off it will be off and when i turn the tv off the device wont turn on by itself. But the other device on the other tv's means when i turn the device off on remote control and then turn the tv off on remote in 30 seconds time the device turns on by itself and the tv turns on automatically… What is happening there i have no idea.. could it be under settings or something i ain't sure? I even tried to reset the device but that wont fix the problem… I notice the tv remote control would actually navigate on the A95X MAX when i have the device on… strange.. Course i thought that should only work on the A95X remote control and not the actual SONY tv remote control tv…. Please help me im confused…. But the big tv in the living room does not have this issue with turning itself on by itself.. But i did notice it will actually work with the actual sony tv remote control instead of the actual a95x max remote control…. So this is confusing but anyways.. could all this be under some kind of settings that i should be looking at ? help me how to 🙂 Meanwhile he only disapointing is i have to unplug the cable from the back of the android box device otherwise it will turn the tv on by itself and the device on too after i have turn everything off in the first place.. I prefer to turn things on when i want to and NOT automatically turns on 30seconds later when i just switch off the tv and the device. Plus i have not pared the tv remote vs the android remote control together in order for the sony remote control to actually funtion the android device.. which i prefer to use the a95x max remote control for that android device and the sony tv remote only for the tv itself and not have the whole 1 remote do everything which is confusing for everything else…

  4. I have jusy bought this box and i can only get youtube to play at 1080p max rez. How do I get it to play YouTube in 4k ? Thx

  5. Thanks for the video. WARNING: The internal port of the A95X Max, which should support up to "2TB", only recognized a old 160GB Hitachi drive. It was formatted Fat32. Tried 1TB WD red and 2TB drives. The drives are immediately ejected. Tried Fat32 in GPT and MSDos mode. No luck. So don't count on this box to run Kodi with attached sources. You will have to plug a USB drive externally.

  6. QUESTION: Does Google Services and Google Play Store come up to date, or is it a very old version like most boxes come?

  7. If you are looking to run YouTube TV keep looking as even though I was told it would work, it does not and Google said it is NOT supported for YouTube TV. Don't like the GUI/Launcher

  8. I purchased two A95X tv boxes. They are advertised as 1000m download speeds. I can only get 100m. I have 400m to the box and only 100m come out. Is there a special setting?

  9. Bought but. Have terrible time getting Plex and Emby to work. Which ones are stable dang working? Help would be appreciate. If I can't fix this I only but Android TV in the future. Thank your for advice.

  10. Besides the cool adaption to add a SSD or laptop type hard drive, all these new boxes do NOT provide much of a upgrade over the recent Amlogic S912 boxes. My almost 2 year old T95Z Plus Android box with its 3gb of ram, 32gb of rom using the Amlogic S912 chip gets the same exact benchmarks as these new boxes. It extremely sad that even after a year or 2 that there hasn't been an improvement in performance.


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