A food tour of Ho Chi Minh City on motorbike


Christine and John check out the Back of the Bike food tour in Ho Chi Minh City and have an amazing time trying all sorts of places they would’ve otherwise never known about. From papaya salad to crab soup to grilled bananas, the Back of the Bike takes them all over Saigon to look for dishes off the beaten path. Sign up for your own Back of the Bike tour next time you’re in Vietnam to go on a gastronomical adventure!

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  1. omg, watching this makes me missing my home city so much!!! They don't have lots of Vietnamese food here in the Philippines…

  2. This is the modern version of this soup. The original dish has pig feet beside the crab. the broth should have a hint of paprika (not curry) for the high light accent of the cooked crab, The noodle is made from rice flour. the authentic dish did not have fried tapioca puffs for decoration.

  3. Hi! John and Christine. Do you have any plans visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand? Let me know if you will do that. so I can bring you guys to see around the city. Anyway, I'm a friend of Eugene Kim.

  4. You've grown on me pretty much since your winning of Masterchef. Getting to know your story through talks, #IAm campaign, and following your channel has turned me into your massive fan. You are such a genuine and inspring person. When I'm down, I can find tons of motivation simply by watching your videos. Keep up good work!

  5. You are so awesome. I know you're probably sick of masterchef-related questions by now, but I'm curious, are you still in contact with anyone from MC? I know this question was answered in an interview before, but that was a few years back so I'm quite curious to know if you're still close with the alum! Keep up the great work!

  6. Hey, I remember eating bánh canh (minus the crab and fish cake). It's kinda like a Vietnamese version of udon. 😋😋😋

  7. Scooter rides are more fun than traveling in a car. And its not that scary Christine 😅 . The editor of this video is getting better at his job everyday ✌️️😏 #jon !!

  8. Be careful of taxi cab drivers hustling you. They drove us around and around the long way to get more mileage on the meter.

  9. Christine, you're amazing! still remember your heritage and language! Love from the Philippines! Keep cooking and dreaming!

  10. Wow thanks for replying the Mississippi mud is just a brownie withe marshmallows and chocolate fubge frosting the pound cake is gust a nice cake with camel frosting my dad is smoking a turkey and my mom is roasting one in the oven just in case my das is a flop 😂 is the only

  11. Fascinating, fun and informative as ever. Made me feel real hungry. Friendly and knowledgeable bike tour people to. Such a wonderful variety of food stuffs.
    Hope you both had a great time.
    I thought your video was fabulous guys. . Take care X

  12. Hi christin love your videos and still think that season three was the best master chef are you ready for thanksgiving moms getting ready she's made three deserts already Mississippi mud Kentucky pound cake with a Carmel frosting and a fruit cake do you like any of these pleas reply when you can thanks


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