A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Official Trailer (HD) Teresa Palmer Fantasy


A Discovery of Witches is a television film series to be released in fall 2018 based on the novel trilogy of the same name by Deborah Harkness. It is produced by Bad Wolf and Sky Productions. The show tells the story of Diana Bishop, an Oxford professor and reluctant witch who stumbles upon an enchanted manuscript and is thrust into a magical world unlike any she’s known. Together with a handsome, century-old vampire named Matthew Clairmont, Diana sets out to discover the manuscript’s secrets.

The show will star Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop and Matthew Goode as vampire Matthew Clairmont.

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  1. i just spent all day watching season 1….it was one of the best shows Ive seen in a long time….and wasnt Corny as shit like twilight.

  2. Need da tell sum to every body that I'm 23 years old and I was born on 1996 1998 it started and they say that it might come out 2022 but maybe on the day of my birth this brings a lot of entertainment got a hole list hard da keep up 🤯

  3. I'm about to reread the first book. I bought the trilogy before I'd even finished the 1st book but I never got around to reading the others. Now I've gotta go back because I'm ready to tackle em all! Whoop.
    I enjoyed the first, I just felt blah about her putting her studies second when she worked her entire life for that.

  4. Have watched two episodes so far. Simply, despite generaly excellent casting and production it completely misses the mark. The central storyline is cliche: yeah, yeah, powerful so and so denies their powers so to fit in, blah, blah, blah.Also, the pace is turgid, acting is wooden and predictable, script is cringeworthy, music score is intrusive and tries to compensate for the lack of real tension — only succeeding in exposing the lack of tension.
    In such a mess the biggest problem is the casting of the lead character: this actress is utterly unbelievable in the role. An accomplished academic should not look and behave so prettily vacant, with the acting range of a a stunned doe. Another flaw is the unbelievability of how lead character is written — whoever wrote it has no idea about academia or the subject matter the lead specializes in.
    What a lazy mess it all is.

  5. If u are thinking that you should see it or not you definitely should watch… So different from other vampire series

  6. one of the best shows on tv. teresa palmer and mathew goode are incredible together with a great story line. love this show, can't wait for s2 and s3.

  7. Too much romance for me plus i don't like the female leads voice. Doesn't look bad though if only i liked romance.

  8. Is it weird to say I'm actually more excited about the soundtrack here than the actual series? It looks good, but the music is on point. For anyone wondering, it's The Way by the legendary Zack Hemsey.

  9. Matthw Goode….looks at the screen….😐😐😐

    I drop dead, struck by male sensuality!!!! 😵😵😵😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  10. This is one of the worst take on witches vs vampires I have ever the unfortunate encounter of enduring to watch. It doesn't make any sense. This 'true love's kiss' bullshit should just remain in Disneyland. Witch protagonist: "I feel safe with you." Are you frelling kidding me? You barely even know the guy. He stalked you from the very beginning, and a few days since. Suuuuure, you trust the stalker guy. This is even worse than Ana marrying that douche she just met and barely even knew at the coronation ball.

    And this witch's reason for gravitating towards her stalker is because nobody in her coven can be trusted, not even her little witch friend. Which is absolutely ridiculous! Because this witch doesn't accept who she is, in the first place; therefore, she decided to alienate herself from the rest of the magical world because her parents were burned as witches. Girl, you denied your heritage, and then live as a muggle but is obsessed with Alchemy, which is a subject in Hogwarts (and you know it!). All these while pretending to be a no-maj. So, yeah, what the freak do you think will the other witches react to if you alienated yourself from your own kind and then have the audacity to feel the victim?

    There is a reason the hundred year pact was put in place. And you think you can just waltz in and change everything? B*tch, please!

    All these contemporary vampires and witches are full of shit, and this is no different. Do not watch this, it is not worth it. Bye, Felicia!

  11. bro this show had one of the shittiest most annoying cliffhangers, like a ton of build and then ya f you wait till next season. Never has a show frustrated me that much

  12. It begins with absence and desire…
    It begins with blood and fear…
    It begins with a discovery of witches…

    Matthew doesn't match💔💔💔
    will watch though…hope it does some justice to the books💘💘💘

  13. This feels like something inspired, or straight from, a fanfiction, to be more specific a watpad fanfic.
    but hey, twilight and 50sg made money so it's whatever


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