A Breathtaking View of Jupiter's Clouds from the Juno Spacecraft


This video pieces together thousands of pictures of Jupiter shot by JunoCam to recreate Juno’s perspective of the planet from the spacecraft’s flyby. The color and contrast of the images have been enhanced to reveal the beautiful, swirling clouds of Jupiter’s stormy atmosphere.

Juno is a NASA’s space probe that revolves around Jupiter once every 53 days to explore its secrets. JunoCam (or JCM) is Juno’s visible-light camera/telescope.

According to NASA, “In Greek and Roman mythology, the god Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief, and his wife, the goddess Juno, was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter’s true nature.”

The Juno spacecraft will also look beneath the clouds to see what the planet is up to, not seeking signs of misbehavior, but helping us to understand the following: –

* The properties of its atmosphere: composition, temperature, cloud motions, percentage of water in it, etc.

* The magnetic and gravitational fields of Jupiter.

* Jupiter’s northern and southern lights (its auroras).

* The planet’s deep structure.

* The origin and evolution of Jupiter.

* Which planet formation theory is correct.

Credits: –

NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / Seán Doran (@_TheSeaning) .

Music: Tim Utfeld.


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  1. Why is there no movement on the clouds? I understand those are pictures but you should be able to see in timelapse the motion of the clouds with the pictures edited together on the video.

  2. On Jupiter lives a powerful intelligent civilization-whose contact with earth people is completely excluded (D. Andreev " rose of the World")

  3. Now that I think of it Gad giants do have a chance for life isn’t there a possibility of life that breathes like gas and stuff like that so there could be microbial life in Jupiter’s atmosphere and inner body or there could be fully developed creatures like serpents or something

  4. its painting. this shit is just computer animation. the satellite crap is just a fancy way of using computer graphics to create space entertainment for fools.

  5. cant imagine this video reflecting actual real time I reckon the space craft would almost feel like it is at a stand still as it is passing.
    When i run simulations in orbiter a close flyby of earth is noticeable but earth is nowhere near as big

  6. It always fascinates me to know how we would see it with our own eyes.
    I hear it is generally fainter out there because of the distance from the sun.
    Mind you, if we look up at night at the these ones they have a fairly nice luminosity as a night object.
    And yeh you never know when a small impact of sorts is going to coincide with your trajectory.
    Size and distances out there seeing these sped up juno videos makes jupiter look like a bouncy coloured beach ball full of baileys and other liquors

  7. Sorry but it looks kinda fake to me. Of course there's the artificial color but jupiter is so goddamn enormous that a camera cannot capture it full in that quality.

  8. Jupiters surface looks like a painting canvas…gods own art ..Looks like van goghs painting x 1 trillion times..

    .starry nights..in this case in jupiter

  9. I just don't feel like this is real footage. Jupiter is 1300 times bigger than the earth. If you were flying up on it, it would take up the entire lens of the camera.

  10. The actual pictures etc were in black n white, they edited it to show color so for all we know these are fake like the other older pictures nasa admitted were computer generated

  11. I just made a small research. On a flat land from the sea level the sightline is 4.7 km and the furthest photographed sightline on earth is 443 km. The distance from earth to jupiter is about 917.7 millions km and yet we see it. Sometime we look at the sky and we feels it like an image but what you see is real and it's fcking huge. 139820 km for jupiter.

  12. How many of you think this image is real? this is same crap as pluto image from event horizon…strange as it may be stop the video at exactly at 1:49 and tell me this video is real. Use your imagination…you will see something that shock you…it is actually oil painting and texture mapped in a sphere in 3d program and created the fly over effect. who ever believe in this video also definitely believe in god…you people are fucking stupid..you should see devil at 1:49

  13. Can anyone explain the black dots along Jupiter's surface, many in a line.
    They seem from Jupiter, not markings Juno might have made on the video?


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