9 Facts and 1 Lie: Doom Franchise


With DOOM Eternal getting closer every day like an ominous morningstar portending our collective damnation, we thought it would be fun to have staffer Michael Swaim look back on the long history of DOOM. So here’s 9 fun facts about the DOOM franchise, plus one infernal lie. See if you can exorcise the demon of falsehood before the end of the article…or GO TO HELL.

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  1. In psychological terms, Freud is generally accepted to have been mostly wrong and it's probably not really a thing. 🙂
    And come on, how could you not rhyme "subsume" with "doom"? It's RIGHT THERE XD

    …I dunno if I wanna watch anymore 😛

  2. I cant wait for Eternal, I badly need to know where the story goes 😬

    Said no Doom fan ever

    Show me them guts, demon spawn😈

  3. Please tell me the first one is a lie. I mean, I know it ain't true, but please tell me you know this. Tell me that the remaining 9 will be true facts.

    Edit: I know he's a Blazkowicz. I thought the first fact ended with "His name is Flynn Taggart."

  4. I was scratching my head thinking cause I was sure they were all true lol, never came across a Xenomorph skull in doom but I didn't think that they'd pull a fast one on us and assumed that there must be cause I'd seen like 2 of the other Easter eggs lol

  5. Running Doom 2016's soundtrack through a spectrogram, you can see that Mick Gordon hid "satanic imagery" like 666, pentagrams, and such. He also hid "Jesus loves you" in there, but those outraged by the other stuff never bothered to speak of that hahaha. Mick Gordon is a BRILLIANT artist and a class A troll.


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