$8 Million Bugatti Vision GT Causes CHAOS (COPS GOT MAD)


My Gear:

Sony AX-53:
Circular Polarizer:
Gopro 1:
Gopro 2:
Laptop –




  1. The people at Sunset GT put on a great show. It's a shame (and real pain in the ass) in regards to the registration for both spectators and exhibitors. The show simply got too big and the city forced them to take certain measures to keep the show running. As for the cop…lol talk about triggered. He overreacted over a snide comment made by an attendee. My buddy said it best, "Cops are supposed to help diffuse a situation, not escalate it."

  2. Shut up. You're just a Bugatti HATER. Anyone who likes koenigsegg, please don't read this comment and for anyone who likes Bugatti or Hennessey, please like or reply to this comment

  3. I bet that #dicknosing sherrif pussy faggit cry baby effeminate male never address the butt buddies who show everyone that's what they are about from all the brutality and murder victim families that live with missing family member bc of that costume and graven images called badges they worship! Do they have that same energy towards their butt buddies? I have been assaulted by these wicked pieces of shit myself personally in pershing square train station. They made an attempt on my life choking me and didnt submit the footage when the attorney went for it. Metro didnt show the harassment video from the one side but showed the ending me on the ground where they wouldnt be incriminated! Fuck these zombies!! They are in their prezombial states. They are wicked terrorists who will Answer to the God of the children of Israel who they severely treat with treacherous conditions and IMPECCABLE oppression!! 400 years are finished the Big Change is here!

  4. You guys in California are SOFT AF…if a cop starts preaching, just ask am I being detained under suspicion of a crime or am i free to walk away? Demand an answer and don't listen to their shit about respect. Tell him to get a different job if want more appreciation!

  5. Need to put those cops in check. Tyrannical, civil rights violating, foul mouthed public servants serve no one but themselves.

  6. The cops are at it again, just earning the hate and gathering the disrespect …..Mr Trump, please sort them out because it's only going to get worse, OMG the world is going mad

  7. Has anyone seen the new Bugatti? It's a 1 of car and if I remember not 100% of the cost but it's safe to say it's wayyy north of 10,000,000$ If you do know what it sold for let me know in the comments ✌

  8. Who the hell would spend that kind of money for a Car?? Stupid no car in the world worth that much. Don’t care if you have the funds or not!

  9. There's one thing I hate about the goddamn cops at these events, they go on power trips, and if this isn't harassment, just by their mere overwhelming presence, then I don't know what is.

  10. Cop:I don’t get payed enough to be disrespected.
    Well actually I think getting payed at all to stand around looking at expensive and beautiful cars is a great way to earn money ide kill for that job


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