6 Gay Men vs 1 Secret Straight Man


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  1. Thanks for your support on our podcast, Radical Empathy! We’re back with episode 2, where we dive into one man’s journey with his sexuality. Listen here, and leave us a voice message too! https://anchor.fm/radicalempathy

    We hope that through every person we meet on our podcast, we are challenging ourselves and all of you to listen, learn, and embrace empathy.

  2. It's interesting how in games where we had "all" straight people, no one went for appearances but here, that's the first thing they did

  3. Hey, cool, I got both the gay guy amongst the straight guys and the straight guy amongst the gay guys. I have gaydar! If that's a thing. Which it isn't.

  4. I’m straight, but oh man I would have gone in there dressed all feminine and would had had my best friend do my make up just so I could win lol.

  5. wait he said at 3:05 that he was born a woman and thought he (she back then) is a lesbian, so he (she) liked women aka she was gay. then he came out as being trans, identifying as a man but still liked women? but then he says he came out 3 times, what was the third time? he fucked up 😂😂


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