6: Font classes in Bootstrap 3 – Learn Bootstrap 3 front-end programming


Font classes in Bootstrap – Learn Bootstrap front-end programming. In this video we will learn how to style fonts using classes in Bootstrap.

Link to more Bootstrap font classes:

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  1. Blockquotes don't add any bootstrap styling instead use classes like : class="blockquote" or class="blockquote-footer"

  2. I thought this video would be more on font size changes to responsive devices. All other videos so far very good. This one less so

  3. So Bootstrap is adding proprietary, non-standard markup to basic HTML code, to achieve new types of effects like smaller text, emphasized text, whatever we call it. Won't this take us back to the late 1990s when front-end design was a mess because designers were using non-standard markup and various hacks, like using HTML tables to arrange image slices? The markup became such a mess it was becoming impossible to study the markup. Designers could not understand their own code after being away from it for a few months. CSS emerged shortly thereafter as a means of purging this culture of hacking and returning to standard, formal, official HTML markup. The Cascade Style Sheet Jihad!


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