6 Christians vs 1 Secret Atheist


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  1. All they talk about is church. Thats not what christianity is at all. Christianity is having a relationship with God. I feel so sad after watching this.

  2. As soon as he mentioned hymns, I knew it was him lol. Barely any modern churches use hymns anymore if not at all. There’s nothing wrong with that if a church does though.

  3. I didn’t know the term PK until about a year ago and I’m 21. Been in church my whole life. My domination doesn’t ever use that term.

  4. I knew before they even said anything exactly which one was the mole a fellow atheist can just pick one of them out of a crowd like nothing. It’s the aura and his very attentive demeanor.

  5. If u really read the bible and how all the story's and roots really connect, you'll be able to tell whos a active chistian, a fallaway, baby Christian, or someone who is pretending(My people perish from a lack of knowledge).. Or if u believe in the holy spirit, undoubtedly, he will tell u 😁 (spiritual understand spiritual) So the false Christian wasn't that hard to find 🤗

  6. Wow I guess the definition of being a Christian has changed drastically. A true Church that believes in Jesus Christ loves the LGBT community but does not support their cause. And having a Pastor that is gay is against the word of God. So that Church is not a Christian Church.

  7. One of the Biggest problems in the christian faith now a days is discernment, there is a big lack of it. There was more than one non-christian in this video, there was two others at least that were also not real believers, a few minutes of talking with them you should be able to discern that. False prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing. This generation needs to wake up, for it soon will be too late.

  8. You can't just pick some parts and reject others call yourself Christian . Its like saying I eat beef and pork but I am a vegan beacuse I don't eat chicken and sushi.

    Note: I am not vegan.

  9. There’s a difference between being a devout Christian and just a pick and choose kinda Christian. These people are pick and choose. Not true devout Christians


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