360 Degree Speakers Compared – JBL Pulse 3 Vs Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Vs UE Megablast


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When ever I do a versus video I always take price into consideration… but not today. Today we’re going to compare the three most popular 360 degree speakers right now. We have one of my most favorite products, the JBL Pulse 3… the elegant Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus… and the somewhat improved UE Megablast. These 3 speakers don’t just look very different, they also have very different approaches to how they produce their 360 degree sound.

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  1. Jbl charge 4 vs ue megablast which one I should choose, please help meeee, does the megablast much better than the jbl ??

  2. Uhhmmm….why don't you just use one of your other gazillion bluetooth speakers, while you're charging the MegaBlast!?

  3. I have and love the Ultimate Ears speakers. I have the UE Boom 3. That's my favourite one because it has Bluetooth charging and is extremely waterproof.

  4. The megablaster sound crap sorry to say that. However the jbl and the Bose sound lot more better with good amount of bass.

  5. You are playing the rong kind of music. You should be playing hip hop are reggae music. It's the only way to test the three speakers out. However the Bose wins hand down.

  6. if someone skips a song my using my speaker, u best believe we finna scrap so he/she better ask to use my phone

  7. I have 2 mega booms & 1 boom 2 and today I just found out that if you press both volume buttons at the same time (on the speaker) then it tells you the speakers current battery life which I found pretty interesting because I had those three amazing speakers for 2 years and never found out till today.

  8. You need to get Aiwa Exos 9 V1 it will send the JBL Boombox packing. I use to own V1 until I ran into firmware issues so 3 years later Aiwa swaps my Exos for V2 which isn’t as loud.

  9. wow as viewer we had the same sequence of top 1,2,3.. however, if the bose can be added to my existing bose speakers to creat mini home theater, then i’ll go with the bose

  10. Ive just recently bought the megablast on an impulse buy am not that impressed looking at selling it and maybe try the revolve plus there was little to no bass on the ue megablast even with bass turned all the way up on the eq settings

  11. The prices on speakers are ridiculous. I took a bookshelf speaker, bought a small 30 watt amp on Amazon, soldered 4 18650's together and installed them inside the speaker and its easily twice as loud as my megablast and has way more bass than any of them.

  12. I don’t think the megablast has enough blast tbf😂 sounded fairly tinny on here in store and even at my friends house. Personally I went with the revolve plus as I love the sound as it has great bass which can really rumble and fill up the room. Also the other two factors are that I liked the classy aluminium Finish of the Bose compared to JBL and ue and at this current moment I’m not a user of the Amazon, google etc eco systems so that is why I chose the Bose. They’re the factors of which I looked at when buying in fact a member of the family liked my revolve plus and the,y went and bought one so for me the Bose was the right choice however sound is subjective and I’m aware not everyone will agree with the choice😊👍🏽

  13. I have a white pulse 3 and it is awesome. Bought it for €169.99, because it was the last one and they weren't stocking them anymore. Usual price is €200.

  14. I had the soundlink revolve plus i just returned it to best buy because imo 300 is a lot especially when i already had the pulse 3 and sony xb40 but 360 feature is great it filled my room up wit music no matter where i was sitting in the room

  15. Sound wise, I put bose first, jbl second, UE third. The bose has the smoothest, and fullest sound, and has true 360 degree sound. The JBL is a bit too boosted at 100 Hz, but still has good bass below down to 60 Hz, the bose can also reach to here, just with less emphasis on upper bass. The JBL also has smooth mids, and treble, and true 360 degree sound. The UE on the other hand has very little bass below 75 Hz, while everything above is boosted heavily, and the treble is much too sharp. Mids are decent though. And the 360 sound here is a lie. There are two drivers, one on each side. Meaning that if you have the speaker placed a way that neither of the drivers is facing you, you won't get the same sound as you would on axis to one of the drivers. Value wise though, I must put the JBL first. It's the cheapest of the bunch, and has the best features. The only one that can keep up feature wise is the UE, but I personally don't like Alexa, and it doesn't have a built in light show.

  16. Ask me what I use to carry my Megablast. It’s perfect, is functional by allow you to play it without overheating or muffling, and doesn’t cost more than $17.

  17. I had the Revolve plus and it has a great sound especially for it's size, really liked the design as well. But it just didn't have enough bass punch. I went to the Megablast and it also has fantastic sound, it just needs a little more bass punch it has more than the Revolve, but not quite enough for me personally, but once it does it will be perfect. Hopefully a FW tweak can deliver that, but it's very close. The app EQ helps really fine tune it, UE is very close to having perfection with this platform, hopefully they don't stop refining it.


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