$330 Vietnam Apartment Tour (2 Bedroom in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon)


Apartment tour of a 2 bedroom apartment in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam for $330 per month rent.
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  1. The title attracted me to watch your video, not teaching English in VN. You didn't mention the address of the place you showed. Also no one-bed room or studio mentioned, and do they require leasing contract, how many months minimum as it is important to someone who come to VN for temporary stay like 1 month or 2 months….

  2. man, where can i find a joint like that, i staying a month in Saigon, i need a nice place to crash at 330 bucks. far from center right?

  3. That place is in the middle of NOWHERE. It takes an hour each way to get anywhere. Look at the surroundings. Looks like a war zone. You can find a place for the same price in the USA located in a shit remote area as well. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Please stop posting only the price. Location is the #1 factor. And most places in Siagon for foreigners in a good location are way overpriced.

  4. Not very healthy mate because you are close by a mobile phone tower which could cause you cancer etc.. so it's very very expensive in the future especialy when you retire…..

  5. Been living here 5 yrs 2 bedroom apt for $300 is a rare find. 2 bedrooms average $500 and up. Single rooms average $250-350, studios can find for $300-450.. that doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky and find a super deal, but these are the average, but just about all your needs in VN are cheap (food clothing shoes motorbikes)


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