3 Simple Kpop Wallpaper (BTS)


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Hello riceballs I’m Sek (real name Thida)

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*All pics are found on picsart*

Intro: J-Hope – “Mama” (Instr)
*Jimin – “Serendipity” (Instr)

*Jungkook – “Begin” (Instr)

*Taehyung – “4 o’clock Stigma” (Remix)

Outro: BTS – “Save Me” (BamBeat Remix)

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  1. Thank you for the idea i made a same one with that jungkook wallpaper but in my edit i use Yoongi thank you for the ideas~

  2. I saw this edit in your profile! It’s really cool! Keep on doing what you’re doing! You really are amazing at it ^^

  3. A couple days ago we lost someone important. I might make a vid of my feelings about the situation, but whatever happens we should support everyone no matter what problem there are. I hope Jonghyun rest peacefully and I'm sorry Showle for your lost and hope you guys feel better 💕
    all the pics are from picsart and music are in the description box


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