#2[Tut] How To Install Official PhoenixOS On EXT4 Partition – Legacy MBR


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Easy !! How To Install Official PhoenixOS On EXT4 Partition

1. PhoenixOSInstaller.Exe
2. MiniTool Partition Wizard
3. DisGenius Professional
4. Bootice

1. Install PhoenixOS Insaller in Drive C: with 4GB Data ( i select 4GB just for faster install progress)
2. Install and Open Minitool Partition Wizard
3. Create Partition with EXT4 Format (Recomended size More than 8GB)
4. Install Or Run Portable Version DiskGenius Professional for Access EXT4 partition
5. Go To EXT4 Partition and Create a folder named “PhoenixOS”
6. Enter into PhoenixOS Folder then create again a folder named “data” . this folder will be your data.img
7. Copy installed files (Just 5 Files) from PhoenixOS Installer in C partition to PhoenixOS Folder on EXT4 partition
initrd.img – install.img – kernel – ramdisk.img – system.img

Now you can Uninstall Original PhoenixOS in C Drive, Because we not use this, we already have PhoenixOS in EXT4 Partition

8. Open Bootice then go to Utilites tab and Click Start Menu Editor
9. Copy and Paste Code below to Menu Editor and Click Save (With A Logo)
10. Save into C: Drive and give name “pos” . Close menu Editor
11. Move to BCD tab and Click Easy Mode
12. Click Add and select New Realmode Entry
13. On the Boot Device Section, Select your disk. Partition Select your C partition
14. On the Option section, Give a name on OS Title
15. On Boot file, change grldr.mbr to pos
16. Click Save and Reboot
17. Finish

Boot file :

root (hd0,3)
find –set-root ls /PhoenixOS/
kernel /PhoenixOS/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.selinux=permissive SRC=/PhoenixOS DATA=/PhoenixOS vga=788
initrd /PhoenixOS/initrd.img



  1. Hi bro i am facing a issue in disk genius. I cannot delete the folder and also cannot create new folder to copy the files please help me


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