2019 Nvidia Shield TV PRO – 4K Official Android TV Box – The Shocking Truth!


2019 Nvidia Shield TV PRO – 4K Official ATV Box
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2019 Nvidia Shield TV
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2017 Nvidia Shield TV with Game Controller
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#Nvidia #ShieldTVPro
Today I have got my hands non the latest 2019 #Nvidia #Shield TV PRO. That’s right people this is the 2nd gen 2019 model and guess what guys it looks exactly the same as the 2017 Nvidia Shield TV.

In this video we will look at the differences between both generation models, unbox the new 2019 model and run my full tests which include, gaming, 4K video streaming, benchmarks and more.

GPU: 256-Core Maxwell
16GB Internal Storage
Dual Band Wifi AC 2×2 MIMO
Bluetooth v5.0
Gigabit LAN
X2 USB 3.0 Ports
Android v9 with ATV
Chromecast 4K Built-in
Voice Search Remote
Supports 4K @ 60fps + HDR10
Supports HDMI v2.0b
Supports Dolby DTS / ATMOS
Surround Sound 5.1/7.1 Pass-through

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  1. i regret buying a 2000 Euro sony tv with a shitty android software which stutter all the time (from home screen to movies). i just had to wait for this device god damn

  2. Does the new version support youtube HDR or the VC1 decoding, as this has not been supported by the older versions, still i have to stream youtube from my tv as shield is missing this feature

  3. Just picked up a 2017 ex display ( with both controllers ) for £105 from Currys. Reset it and updated. Can't wait to link up my Steam collection to it for lounge play !

  4. I had a look at your chart and I see you rank IPTV boxes separately, would you consider the shield TV pro to be a good IPTV box?

  5. Tem algum Br que assisti esse canal e se assisti sabe me dizer se esses jogos que ele jogou só pega se tiver internet né ???

  6. And why it's in shortage now? not available anywhere in europe. was it made in wuhan or something? or did they not intend same processor and only found out after shipping… probably just high demand.

  7. I'm sorry, a friend recommended this to me, what does it do exactly? Does it broadcast your computer screen to TV? I don't understand…

  8. I think it's the same as my 2017 model, and think Nvidia could add those features. I agree, if it had newer soc, it should show somewhere with bench scores, but just my opinion

  9. no hdmi cable included, thats plainly sad. iwiil get one but wait for a deal as 200 pounds without working out of boix is out of order, no hdmi cable lol.

  10. the pro has never even arrived in europe…since release! only the tube is available!
    i call bs on nvidia..if you ask me they are just clearing the existing stock…they just added scaling and a new remote to give the illusion it was the next generation!
    the specs show the proof!! not even the chips says it's a x1+ lol
    i'm not buying it..i'll wait till nvidia comes actual new generation stuff…i need that ram for emulation…that tube is not gonna cut it!
    great video btw, appreciate the time and effort to bring this to light

  11. Can this be used to stream your actual pc to a tv screen? Basically im looking for a solution that will allow me to switch between my desk and my couch whenever i need to, i want something that will allow me to simply stream my entire pc to the tv essentially turning it into an overpowered console. can this do that or is it only to stream games from the nvidia servers?

  12. Hello, you have forgotten to show it is possible to upgrade the Internal memory from 16gb to any gb ? Can we use ssd ? Or USB stick to upgrade the Internal memory ? I know the USB slot's are USB 3 ! But IST it possible to upgrade the Internal memory with ssd or USB stick ?
    Thank you for your answer and the video !

  13. I have an old media player and need to upgrade to a better media player my eyes are on this one just want to know if this model reads external subtitles,SRT format. i have movies on other languages and need that reads subtitles.

  14. I have this, 1st time an Nvidia and it is the best mediaplayer ever. The others are not so good, my other ones.
    This is a great device.
    And checked it: this new model is faster then the 2017 model and also the remote is better. Also good quality and no problems with 4K.

  15. I would install a SSD in that bad boy find some way to Clone and Migrate and format the HDD to the New SSD just like a computer desktop then o man we are in business!!!!!!! PLEASE Nvidia Install at least a 250gb SSD in that bad bad and that product will be on top of the Game forever!!!!!! SSD kicks the crap out of HDD all day every day. Even a 20gb SSD I would buy before any HDD. A 20gb SSD only cost peanuts now a day's I'm just saying🤷‍♂️

  16. Based on your review I am no longer comfortable with this purchase. Also, I have made several attempts to open my remote (no batteries) unsuccessfully.

  17. Why does the regular Nvidia Shield TV have a MicroSD Card slot but the pro version doesn't and it's only 16 GB so it makes it harder to upgrade storage. I don't really want to take up my USB ports to a flash drive sticking out ot a external HDD hanging there and want to use them for wired controllers or keyboard and mouse and versus my 2015 pro version that has 500 GB or storage AND a MicroSD card slot?!?!

    I feel like we got a downgrade.


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