2018 iPad Pro VS 2020 iPad Pro!


AppleInsider compares the previous 3rd generation iPad Pro against the brand new 2020 iPad Pro including specs, design, and what you should know!

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  1. I could wait for this thing now I’m mad!

    No 5G
    No A13x or A14x
    No OLED or micro led.
    No Taptic feedback.
    No second usbc port.
    No wireless charging option.

  2. I just bought the 2018 model for 799, 256 gb, on ebay. Now I see the 2020gb for 799 at 228gb. Is the small increase in performance worth fighting to get a refund for or no?

  3. I don’t have either so I’m just trying to figure out which to buy. One will be updated but the other would be cheaper

  4. Good thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to put this video together, I appreciate it. A lot of other videos I’ve seen seem to leave off that the new keyboard will work with the 2108 model. I saw that on the Apple website and I wondered why it’s not mentioned more.

  5. Am I the only one who's tired of all these copy cat speculation asshat channels that are trying for the life of them to sound so insigtfull but really are just pulling speculations out of the same source everyone else is?

  6. The like/dislike ratio is why you should WAIT like us other tech creators who aren’t blessed with review units 😬🤦🏻😂

  7. I was going to get the new iPad but with work hours being uncertain better hold on to my savings and pray to God that the coronavirus becomes eradicated quickly .

  8. I think you forgot to mention 128gb on a 2020 ipad pro on the same price as the 64gb 2018 Ipad pro when it releases

  9. Ipad pro 2020 is lazy innovation don't bother to upgrade to ipad pro 2020 if you have ipad pro 2018 ,except float keyboard is amazing

  10. Why do humans in 2020 are such dumb sheep’s buying the same device just with little tweak.

    Keyboard and cursor which is 6 year old market trend. Fuck

  11. He said you can’t put a square into a circle but it’s okay to but a circle into a square _Talking about the keyboard case.

  12. i have 2018 idk if i need to invest in 2020 i want to see the differences.
    . Or i will buy the keyboard only (idk about the support)

  13. Literally no new information here so long as you have 2 brain cells to rub together. This was the video you were supposed to make next week.

  14. I think I’ll be holding on to my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” 1TB. That said, I’m mighty tempted to pick up the new Magic Keyboard case when it comes out. Happy it works with the 2018 model!!


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