100% FIX #bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart in windows 10 8 7


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CryptoHands заработок BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl +alt + Del to restart startup repair System recovery HOW TO FIX – vista recovery – xp boot disk – bootmgr is missing vista -vista boot disk -how to fix computer
Sometimes while turning on your computer system windows 7 or vista
You may receive the following error with black monitor
BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl +alt + Del to restart
Do you face this problem? How to solve it?
This error indicates that the boot sector
Is damaged or missing
If the problem isn’t hardware related you can fix it
With relative ease as long as you have a Windows DVD handy.
Setting the BIOS to LOAD from the CD drive first
SAVE and Exit from the BIOS
Insert the windows 7 or windows vista installation disc Drive
And then start the computer
Press any key to boot from CD or DVD
Windows is loading files the blue monitor appear
Select language, time and currency and other sitting
Then click next
Don’t select install otherwise the local disk will be formatted
Select repair your computer
System recovery options searching for installation disk
Check use recovery tools and select the operating system
You want to repair Windows 7
Sometimes you have more than one operating system in your computer
Then click next
System recovery options pop up
Press repair and restart
Select startup repair
Startup repair pop up and is checking your system for problems
After finishing asking you to restart your computer to complete the repairs
Then click finish
Don’t press any key otherwise it will boot from CD
The starting windows appear
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  2. Bruh, thanks for the solution, my dumbass brain tell me to disactivate recovery partition, i'm struggling for 3 hours just because of this freakin things

  3. U know what my friend 😎 . . I Try my best to Fix Laptops or Flash them & Put A new Op no them (norm win 7) . . BUT Ever time a Ruddy DELL Pops Up to be sorted 😞 its Note but Mess about & Stress, . ! This – Dell Latitude E6410 i5 – That I was having this problem the same as Your Vid Has Jus CRACKED 😇 it after days of Changing Hdds & Trying diff ram & Flashing & Flashing jus to go back to the way it was, . ! Anyways, . I Followed what YOU Did, . and RIGHT AT THIS VERY MIN 😮 After I did what u did, . I've jus put a new copy of win 7 Home Premium on it THE FIRST TIME I DID IT & From a Copy win 7 Disk (I booted from win 7 Disk not USB my friend, . ! Its asking for the 2x Names at the start of Windows RIGHT NOW & from your vid to this screen 15min 😉 lol RESPECT DUE . . Nice 1 for the help, . DAY . In The UK – England, . !

  4. I found an easier way on my pc.
    Enter the bios and check where you are booting from.
    Make sure that the hard-drive where you have windows installed is where you will boot from.
    Still…if it doesn't work, if you have windows boot manager as an option choose that one.
    Always save the changed setting before leaving the bios


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