1 NASUS Q = INSTA HEAL TO FULL HP?? 101% LIFESTEAL NASUS IS 100% UNFAIR! League of Legends Gameplay


Full Lifesteal Nasus Top Gameplay! League of legends Nasus Season 10 gameplay!
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Season 10 Nasus runes guide League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Bloodline – Coup de Grace
Taste – Ravenous Hunter
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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  1. "like the longer the game goes on the worse my fps gets"
    hmmm its almost as if more animations and sprites are loaded into the game past the halfway point like idk maybe the entire map changing after dragon soul??

  2. 33:20 why not hit the guy right next to you for the lifesteal instead of clicking on the back line while youre sitting in CC and crying how you cant move? or, you know… use your QSS instead of button mashing flash qss and everything else at the same time

  3. sometimes the dumb shit Mike does is really painful. kinda counter intuitive you are supposed to be showing people the right way to do things and then you make the dumbest mistakes like overstaying when you know you shouldnt, wasting flash when you know you are dead for sure, trying to run from Ornn when you have 0 mana and almost 60% lifesteal… hmm maybe just fight him??

  4. I came to learn Nasus little more but after 5 min into the video I believe I am good on my own. I might be better without watching this gameplay.

  5. 7:25 he missed so much cs…omg idky his so greedy, get ahead of your opponent by cs and be patient for a top lane kill, Orin is taking advantage of Nasus because of the stacks and he saves his mana for nasus only instead of the minions. Nasus could of used some mana to push orin back with his E and then gone for some stacks

  6. This guy sucks at using nasus at the beginning, like instead of tapping on TAB 10 times every 5 sec he should focus on the cs and he litterally just wasted a dash too…like bruh, And again he keeps tapping on TAB so many times, he needs to pay attention

  7. What's with the league streamers and the 100% broken 100% unfair 100% nerfed turrets it has become 100% annoying to see this shit .thought j enjoy watching your videos

  8. This isn't for SRO since he's doing a specific build for youtube, this is for all of you Susans that I'm going to see in my norm/ranked games thinking this build is somehow OP and are going to insta-feed.

    Ideal Nasus Build for this enemy team:

    Conq – Triump – Legend: Tenacity – Last Stand

    Nimbus – Transcendence
    Ghost – Flash

    TForce – Visage – Tabis – Steraks – Randuins – Thornmail(Or Righteous Glory if ghost isn't enough to get onto Cait) – Iron Potion

    No mercs because you can only reduce a cc to 0.5 seconds and half of their cc is a knockup which can't be reduced by anything.
    Nimbus – Transcendence because its too op rn.

  9. Really like this build ty, what do you think about subbing out some of the excess lifesteal for an Essence Reaver? Mana/CDR/Crit for burst, seems really ideal.

  10. life steal into tanks is kind of lackluster, if you ever had a decent chance to split push I would have recommended a LW so you can actually do some healing.

  11. Day: 211
    CC lords!
    Cannons @ 15: 7 /9

    CS @15: 112 /171

    Solo lane cannon fails post 15: 2

    Total cannons missed today: 4

    Cannons missed: 722

    % cannons missed @ 15: 26.12%

    Failed cannons today: 3

    Failed cannons: 382

  12. Why do you keep orb walking instead of just using the q. It’s a reset. Stop orb walking between autoing one minion and q the cannon. Just hit q after the auto, your champion will autoselect the closest creep and q it.


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