【SUB】Trailer: "Real Life Barbie Doll" Dance Mentor LISA "人间芭比“舞蹈导师LISA | Youth With You 青春有你2| iQIYI


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  1. Who can hear Iranians girl , they have dream too but… For example me I wanna be a singer in the future but I can't this is my dream that I never can get it.

  2. Crying cause my dream is became a singer, probably in USA cause I can have more chances but the thing is my parents doesn’t want me to be a singer and dancer because how hard the industry is

  3. After Seohyun of SNSD, Lisa really is a royal maknae that gets better and better with time. Clearly the evidence is all there. 💛

  4. Amazing! It’s great to know that Lisa can really express her thoughts in both oral and written using english as her medium. Also, her words of wisdom and encouragement can really motivate and can boost one’s confidence. Wow!!!

  5. I always tear up when I hear her talking abt herself or her endeavor to become an kpop idol ugh! Dear Lisa you are so strong and humble I love you!!

  6. Just a fact, the girl who is away from home for ten years is Xin Liu. She is 22 now and really deserves to be the center. Love her.

  7. She was a trainee for 5 years! She went through so much. She left her family at a really young age. She was away from her family for a really long time. She didn't know Korean and Noone was aloud to speak English to her since she had to improve but the girls helped her! Her unnies were always there for her and she was always a strong girl with confidence and power! She started of nothing and look where she is now!!! She has improved so much, grew up and showed to the world what she can do! She is Lisa, one and only strong and powerful! We will keep on supporting our little maknae no matter what❤️ILY Lisa snd all blinks✨✨❤️

  8. Someone should make a compilation of Lisa saying "I'm hungry" lol THE GIRL IS ALWAYS HUNGRY, SOMEONE FEED HER GOOD GRIEF cx

  9. Lisa, blackpink and blinks are so proud of you. You went thru a lot and achieved so much. It's so nice seeing you inspire others. You're doing just as perfect. Fighting!<3

  10. lisa's memories come back when she was a trainee despite all her hardships and sacrifices
    and now she'ss completely successful in life. Lisa is an inspiration to young people like her who want to succeed and live.


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