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Spoilers 13-14 ep.

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«Did you lose what won’t return?»

Drama: Itaewon Class
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 14
Song: The Script – Flares

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  1. Him : i like yi seo
    Me: seriously u just realized it's been years homeboy.😅😅😂😍

  2. I m really curious about what Yi Seo would do when she finds out what happened to sae ro yi. Especially to the Geum brothers more likely to Geum Won.

  3. Yi seo telling hyun yi that she can confessed to saeroyi like anytime she wants not worried he will abandoned her.. cause he needs her… this really breaks my heart.. 💔💔

  4. это правда волшебно ..очень жду 2 последних серии , так переживаю ..

  5. thinking about betting your life on someone is scary. if this person tells you hundred times that he is not in love with you it is exhausting but she handle it. keep loving him. helping him achieving his dream. day by day feeling in love,wanting to kiss him or being close but cant. it is thing that i cant take but seeing her doing it make me emotional. i hope one day i will meet a guy worth betting my life.

  6. When he pulled the apology letter with his sketch on it which Yi Seo drew back in High School I started crying like a kid. Yi SEO saw so much in him in the little time they had met so much so she was willing to bet her life on this man!!!😭😭😭

  7. ууу, она такая милашка улыбашка, хочется за щеки потрепать 😀
    красивущее видео ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Мисс, вы доводите меня до слез…
    Это очень трогательно и так красиво!
    Твои видео просто вне конкуренции, обожаю их))


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